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USSP Ambassadors

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With the development of US Senior Pickleball starting in January 2022, USSP/SSIPA needs help in getting our seniors educated in how USSP/SSIPA can enhance the senior experience in tournaments. We feel like this is a critical part in USSP/SSIPA being successful.

Vicky Noakes is the Ambassador Director for US Senior Pickleball. We are looking for a select group of volunteer ambassadors to help us with this message. Our goal is to have at least one in every state, but more would be great.


Qualifications we are looking for are:

  • Must be a USSP Member.

  • Outgoing, enthusiastic & friendly personality.

  • Willing to communicate with other players.

  • Willing to educate seniors about USSP.

  • Excited about the idea of playing tournaments with your age group and skill level.

  • Comfortable with your computer and willing to help others with websites, Facebook, and tournament registration.

Questions answered will include:

1. What is USSP?

2. USSP Q & A

3. USSP point award system

Information will also be provided on the following to setup your profile in

1. Transfer UTPR rating from USAP to PB

2. USSP rating system on PB

3. PB profile setup


If you believe we are talking about you, we need your help. Please fill out the Ambassador Form.


                                           CLICK HERE to fill out the Ambassador Application Form.

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