Super Senior International Pickleball Association
Charter and Bylaws
Board adopted December 2016

Article I- General


Section A.  The name of the organization shall be “Super Senior International Pickleball Association” a registered not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization, referred to as SSIPA or the Association.


Section B.  The mission of SSIPA is to support the growth of pickleball around the world through a social, competitive environment for players of all skill levels ages 60 plus.


Section C.  The Association will operate for the benefit of its members by annually providing a tournament circuit in the United States as well as international locations. The Association will utilize the rules the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) and tournament guidelines of the SSIPA.  The Association will work cooperatively with the USAPA and provide sanctioned tournaments.


Article II – Officers


The board shall consist of seven members as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 At-large positions.

At Large titles:  AL1 – International (liaison) Coordinator   AL2 – Tournament Schedule Coordinator   AL3- Tournament Operations Coordinator. Section A. Descriptions and Duties of Officers


A1. President   

  • Shall appoint the chairpersons of committees

  • Be the chief administrator of the association

  • Negotiate and sign any board approved contracts

  • Preside over association meetings and board meetings

  • Prepare meeting agendas with board and member input

  • Be or appoint other board members to be ex-officio member of all committees to act in advisory roles

                A2. Vice-President

  • Shall assist the president

  • In the president’s absence, perform the duties of the president

  • Will be the association parliamentarian for all meetings

                A3. Secretary

  • Shall distribute agendas for the board and membership meetings.

  • Record the minutes of all association meetings and submit to the board for approval.

  • Be in charge of association correspondence and records.

                A4.  Treasurer

  • Shall be the chief financial officer of the association

  • Collect the fees and dues of the membership and other monies

  • Pay board approved bills owed by the association

  • Present a financial report at each board & association meeting

  • Retain all financial records and maintain appropriate accounting controls.

  • Ensure that all required financial and tax reports and/or forms are timely filed with appropriate government agencies to maintain the Association’s tax exempt status.

AL1:  Members At-Large – International (Liaison) Coordinator

  • Act as liaison with the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP)

  • Assist in selecting Tournament Directors for International Circuit locations

  • Act as point of contact for SSIPA members playing in international Tournaments

  • Shall undertake and perform other duties as assigned by the Board.

AL2: Member At-Large – Tournament Schedule Coordinator   

  • Assist in selecting Tournament Directors and locations for the yearly Tournament Circuit

  • Publish the tournament calendar on the Web Page

  • Shall undertake and perform other duties as assigned by the Board.

AL3:  Member At-Large - Tournament Operations Coordinator

  • Assist in selecting Tournament Directors and locations for the yearly Tournament Circuit

  • Assist Tournament Directors with operational advise on tournament guidelines and management.

  • Shall undertake and perform other duties as assigned by the Board.



Section B.  Nominations and Election of Officers and Board

          B1. No later than the first week of April, the Secretary will communicate to the members a list of open Board 

          positions that are required to be filled for the following year.


          B2.  Board member elections will occur in November at the annual meeting or by email or electronic vote.


          B3.  Association members may nominate (via email or letter) another member or themselves for any open Board            position and submit a Nomination Form/Application no later than July 15th. A Nominating Committee will be                   appointed by the Board consisting of at least 3 members in good standing, approximately 120 days prior to                     election. One Board member will chair the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will evaluate all               nominees and select a slate of the most qualified candidates for election.

          B4.  A slate of candidates will be presented to the membership via the Association website  approximately 60                days prior to the election. On-line voting will be available to members in good standing for a period of not more              than 5 days. The candidate receiving the most votes will be deemed elected to the position. Should any                          vacancies not be filled through the election process, the Board may fill the vacancies by appointment.

          B5.  If only one member is nominated for any elective position, the member will be deemed to be elected by                    acclamation.

          B6. Term of Office: The Board will normally be elected for a two (2) year term and with Board Officers                              selection/approval may be selected to serve a second two (2) year term for a maximum of four (4) consecutive              years. The newly elected Board shall take office on January 1st .  The term of office may be changed at the                    discretion of the Board. This would be done to ensure that the Board has staggered terms of Board members to            ensure continuity with a recommended minimum of three (3) continuing Board members.

          B7.  If a Board member cannot fulfill his term of office, the Association Board may appoint a member to fulfill                  his/her term of office.



Section C.  Governing Authority

​C1. The administrative body of the Association is the Board​.

C2. It shall be the duty of the Board to conduct, manage, and direct the affairs & business of the Association between meetings of the membership.

C3. A majority four (4) Board members shall constitute a quorum for a Board meeting.




Article III – Membership


Section A. Membership is open to any person desiring to support the Mission of the Association.


Section B. No person shall be denied membership in the Association because of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or veteran status.


Section C. Membership in the Association may occur at any time by completing an on-line application on the Association’s website and paying the appropriate fees.


Section D. Membership dues shall be set by the Association’s Board


Section F.  Fees may be charged for other Association activities including but not limited to: tournaments, banquets, etc.


Section G.  Members in good standing (current on membership dues and in compliance with Association Bylaws and policies) shall be entitled to nominate candidates for Association officers and vote in all Association elections. 


Section H. Membership elections may be conducted using a voting process that utilizes any electronic means including use of website support or email.


Section I. The Association charter may be amended by a 2/3rds majority of all voting members.


Section J. All members are required to abide by and follow the SSIPA Code of Ethics.  The SSIPA Board reserves the right to cancel membership, if a member violates the Code or their negative conduct is thought to be harmful to the organization. 



Article IV – Meetings

Section A. Membership meetings shall be held as called by the President, a minimum of one per fiscal year.An annual membership meeting will be held each year in conjunction with the USAPA National tournament.


Section B. Membership meeting dates will be posted on the Association website at least 30 days prior to an Association membership meeting.


Section C. Board meetings will be conducted each quarter or as called by the President.Board meetings are open to any member in good standing, except when the Board is in executive session.


Section D. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority of all questions regarding parliamentary procedure unless in conflict with the laws of the state of Texas or the Federal government.



Article V – Fiscal and Finance

Section A.  Fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31st.

Section B.  No Board member shall receive compensation for serving on the board.  Only travel related expenses may be reimbursed as approved by the Board.

Section C. Review of Financial Records. Treasurer’s records will be audited annually. The audit report will be published on the Association website for member review.


Section D..Annual Budget. Board prepared budget will be presented to the membership annually based on the fiscal calendar. The budget may be revised by a majority vote of the Board.

Article VI – Amendments

Section A.This charter and by-laws may be amended by a two thirds vote of the general membership.The Board shall provide written notice on the Association website 30 days prior to any vote.

Article VII – Dissolution 

Section A.In the event of dissolution, Association assets, if any, shall be donated to any other non-profit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service that supports the sport of Pickleball.