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  • What is US Senior Pickleball?
    USSP is a division of SSIPA for players living in the United States.
  • Why USSP?
    Seniors have been the bedrock and foundation of pickleball since the start of pickleball’s unprecedented growth. Senior players deserve the respect and service that can only be given to them through an organization like US Senior Pickleball. USSP is being built by seniors for seniors.
  • What will happen to SSIPA?
    SSIPA will continue, but, as the international division of the non-profit corporation.
  • Will I now need a membership in US Senior Pickleball and SSIPA?
    No, all current SSIPA members will automatically become members of both USSP and SSIPA. Will other association memberships be required to play in USSP tournaments? No, only membership in USSP will be required.
  • Will USSP sanction tournaments?
    USSP will approve quality tournaments to be listed on the website and be included as a circuit event. No other sanctioning process will be followed.
  • How does the Point Award program work?
    The Point Award program awards points when players that are a USSP member and play in a USSP approved tournament. At the end of the year, the top ten finishers will receive awards for their efforts in each of the age brackets.
  • What software system will be used for tournaments? will be used for circuit events. This software is being used successfully in the US, Canada and Australia.
  • How will this system affect my ratings as a player? has a seamless built-in ratings system that has been customized for senior players. This system has been tested and verified. USSP will have the ability to adjust this rating system to meet the needs of our members.
  • What is the cost to join USSP?
    Membership cost will remain at $20 per year and multiple year membership options will remain the same for 2023.
  • How will US Senior Pickleball/SSIPA operations be affected by these changes?
    This non-profit association will continue to run in a fully transparent manner with all financial records posted on the website and open board elections voted on by the membership.
  • What if there is not a tournament in my area?
    We are adding tournaments on a weekly basis and if there is not a tournament in your area, please have the clubs in your area contact us so we can sponsor more tournaments.
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