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US Senior Pickleball is a division of Super Senior International Pickleball Association. If you join either
USSP or SSIPA, you have dual membership in both associations. In 2022, USSP will be an independent
association that is not affiliated with any other association. USSP will approve tournaments for the USSP
Tournament Circuit that are not sanctioned by any other association. will be the exclusive tournament management software used by USSP. This management product is easy to use for players for tournament searches, registration and online payments in a seamless, as a one stop service.

With over 30 tournaments being scheduled for 2022 in East, West and Central zones across the country,
our members will have a variety of choices. Please check the zone map and the tournament schedule to
see what is available in your zone.

Questions? Please view our Frequently Asked Questions Page, CLICK HERE.

More about USSP
Senior Pickleball

USSP offers tournaments using age/skill for players 50+ in age. When skill levels
are combined, 3.0 and 3.5 are often combined within an age group. If a player
or team would rather stay in their rated skill group, then they can always play
down in age. If a player or team wants to challenge themselves, then they can
always play up in skill. Either way, with USSP, both players and teams have a
choice in all competitive tournament play.

USSP addresses these issues:

  • Play with 5-year age groups from 50 to 80 years old.

  • Play with skill groups from 3.0 to 5.0.

  • Points awarded for the top 4 places in a reward system offering prizes.

  • Tournaments offered at the National, Zone and Circuit levels.

  • Anyone can register for a USSP tournament without a membership.


USSP Tournaments will be developed as age/skill based for all players over
50. USSP Members will receive a $10.00 discount for all USSP Circuit
Tournaments. We have 3 Zone Directors that will provide both tournaments

and tournament support in their zone.

We will use software to manage our tournaments
and where you will register for a USSP Tournament. All USSP tournaments

will also be listed on the USSP website.

USSP tournaments will be offered in three zones, East, Central and West in 2022. Each zone will hopefully host 10 or more tournaments. The tournament schedule is currently being developed over the next 6 months and new tournaments being added regularly. To host a USSP tournament, simply contact the zone director for your location. See the USSP zone map and zone director contact information under the Tournament Circuit button. All tournament listings will be found at for tournament registration.

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Earn Points

USSP members will earn points for placing in the top 4 at each tournament in each event. For more information on the points system, click the Points Leaders for a full explanation of the how it works and the point values for each top 4 finish in an event. The point award system will begin with tournaments offered after February 1 st , 2022. Prizes are awarded at the conclusion of the points race each year to at least the top ten players in each age group for both men and women. In the near future there will be a blast email sent to all 2021 award winners.


A 3.0 skilled player has the same chance to finish in the top 10 as does a 5.0 player since all places are awarded based on total points within any age/skill group. This levels the playing field for all players of any age/skill group.

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To obtain more information on a USSP membership, CLICK HERE and follow the link to our Membership Registration page.

All USSP tournaments are listed at For complete instructions on how to add your profile before tournament registration click this link
Set up Profile. Members of USSP will receive a $10 registration fee discount when registering for any USSP approved tournament.


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