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US Senior Pickleball is forming pickleball club alliances this summer beginning immediately with any pickleball club in the United States. The membership drive will begin at the club’s announcement to club membership and run through September 1st , 2022.

Club Rewards are as follows:

1) For every 25 new USSP members, the club will receive 100 Franklin X-40 pickleballs.
2) Clubs may choose a cash option instead of pickleballs. Twenty-five percent of the total membership fees from club members will be paid to the club at the end of the membership drive.
3) Clubs may also choose to receive balls and cash as an option.

How does this process work?

1) When club members join USSP, each member will select the club’s name on the drop-down list on the USSP membership application.
2) Clubs will provide an email to club members about the club alliance with USSP and the membership drive or provide an article in the club newsletter regarding the membership drive.
3) Clubs will add a link to the USSP website from the club website to aide in the membership process if the club has a website.
4) USSP will provide a banner to be displayed at the club’s court location during the membership drive.
At the end of the drive, USSP will provide the club with balls and/or a cash reward. To begin your drive, go to and complete the Summer Membership Drive form.

How to sign up?

Just fill out the form below and submit it. We will add your club to the USSP Membership application page which members from your club will select.