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2024 USSP Tournament Planning Tool – For Tournament Directors

USSP Tournament Planning Tool is for use by tournament directors.  This tool will provide guidance and direction during the listing and implementation of a USSP circuit event.  The planning tool and tournament guidelines/procedures will be administered by the tournament management with assistance from a USSP Zone Director.

  1. There will be no tournament fees charged by USSP in 2024 for any USSP circuit tournament. 

  2. Full financial responsibilities for a circuit event tournament will be the sole responsibility of the tournament management.

  3. Non-USSP members will pay the full registration cost for a USSP circuit event while members will receive a $10 discount. To receive the $10 discount, their USSP membership number must be added to their Pickleball Brackets profile. 

  4. Tournament Management and venues will be approved by the USSP Zone Director before being approved by the USSP management. 

  5. Tournament Management will follow the guidelines for play brackets specified below.

Listing and Access for a tournament:​

  1. Tournaments will be listed on and the USSP website:

  2. The tournament administrator must give the USSP Zone Director administrative access to the tournament

Tournament Balls and Paddles:

  1. IFP approved balls and paddles only will be used for tournament play.

  2. Franklin Sports has provided balls in the past at discounts.

Logo Use:

  1. The USSP logo will be provided and may be used for promotions.

  2. Additionally, the USSP Circuit Event Logo will be used for tournaments.

Play format for Events/Brackets:

  1. USSP tournaments will be developed as age/skill tournaments to the extent that follows: 

    1. All brackets must have a minimum of 2 teams.

    2. Teams -2, 3 double RR, 4,5, or 6 round-robin, 6 or more – pool play with single elimination brackets for places 1st-4th.  Six teams can be either round-robin or pool play as chosen by the tournament director. Round-robin play brackets and large brackets may have pool play and playoffs. 

    3. USSP uses 5-year age groups from 50-80 and skill levels from 3.0-4.5+.

    4. Ages are best combined in 10-year increments if/when necessary, with a goal to have 50’s, 60’s, 70s, and 80s playing each other as necessary.

    5. Skills are combined within age groups with 3.0-3.5 in a group and 4.0+ in a group only when necessary to complete a bracket.

    6. The goal is to combine as few age/skill groups as possible and to have only round-robin and pool play/single elimination brackets with NO double elimination brackets.  This allows players more play for their money.

    7. When age/skills are combined, multiple medals will be awarded for each age/skill group.

    8. Players who do not want to be combined with a higher skill group may always choose to play down in age to remain in their skill group.

    9. Players who want to remain in their age group may always choose to play up in skill to remain in an age group.

    10. Event groupings will be listed for player viewing before bracket development.

    11. If a player’s event, age/skill does not have three teams, a player may choose to receive a refund before the registration closing day.  A $15 processing fee will apply to all refunds.  Refunds must be requested in PickleballBrackets writing (text, email, or a letter) by the registrant.

Any 50+ age player may play in a USSP Circuit Event, but, only USSP members registered in PickleballBrackets are eligible for the point/prize reward system.


1)    International tournaments qualify to be a SSIPA International Circuit Event by offering competition for 50+ age groups.
2)   International tournaments are encouraged to follow the SSIPA Planning Tool and Guidelines/Procedures to the maximum extent possible.
3)    Tournaments will be identified as: SSIPA INTERNATIONAL EVENTS.
4)   There are no fees or SSIPA player fees charged to an International tournament for being a SSIPA International Circuit Event.
5)    Players in international tournaments that are SSIPA members (annual or higher) will receive points for medaling in these competitions.
6)   The SSIPA board will make the final determination regarding international tournaments.

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