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Points Awards

The 2024 Point leaders list is now available through 

To earn points, BE SURE to add your USSP Membership number to your Pickleball Brackets profile! Learn how HERE.

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This is one of the features that makes USSP different and fun to compete in besides just winning at the tournaments. So if you understand it I think you will want to be a member and strive to be one of the top 10 in your Age division next year for an awesome prize! The Point Award System is designed to encourage and reward participation in the USSP Tournaments. The awards are presented annually at the end of the tournament season. It is just simply the more tournaments & events you compete in the more points you can accumulate. Awards will be presented to the top 10 point leaders in these categories:

Men's/Women's 50+     Men's/Women's 55+      Men's/Women's 60+

Men's/Women's 65+      Men's/Women's 70+      Men's/Women's 75+

Men's/Women's 80+      Men's/Women's 85+

In each tournament, there will be 4 finishers in each event that will receive points. Gold, silver, bronze and 4th.There are also 3 categories of points for the tournaments. They are Circuit tournaments, Zone championships and National championships. All have a different set of points assigned to them.

Medalists Points





Circuit Tournaments

500 Pts

300 Pts

200 Pts

100 Pts

Zone Championships

1000 Pts

600 Pts

400 Pts

200 Pts

National Level

1500 Pts

900 Pts

600 Pts

300 Pts

You have only one requirement. Players must be a member of USSP.   


  Here are some examples of how points are awarded:

  1. All points earned by a player will be accumulated under the player’s Name and Age Group,
    regardless of which age group or skill level you actually competed in the tournaments.


  2. If an Age Group event has only 2 entries, those entries may play in a younger age group and
    the older players will be awarded Points as though they played in their older Age Group.
    The player(s) in the younger age group bracket will receive points as if the older players
    didn’t play in that event.


  3. If Age Groups are divided into Skill levels, the points for each Age/Skill will be awarded and
    accumulated under the individual player and Age Group. Points are not awarded by skill level
    so the 3.0 player is in the same race for the top 10 in their age group as the 5.0 player. 


  4. If there is a tie in a particular group for the top ten winners, tie breaker rules are as follows: 

    1. Number of Gold Medals won

    2. Number of Silver Medals won

    3. Number of Bronze Medals won

    4. Lowest member number

    5. Oldest member

    6. Total Number of Tournaments Attended​

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